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greenlight-tm Nick Wall
is now a part of
Cinnte Safety 

Thanks to all our valued customers for your support over the last (nearly) 5 years

Nick can now be found at Cinnte Safety for ongoing, uninterrupted assistance with your projects as before



Supplying bespoke Traffic Management Solutions in the form of:

  • TM Plans

  • TM Auditing

  • Tender Support

  • TM Consultancy Services

Enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.

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Temporary Traffic Management Plans (Drawings)

TM Plans produced to cover multiple scenarios for ALL Road Levels:

  • Type A - ≥12hrs Duration Works requiring full time Temporary Traffic Management     

  • Type B - ≤12hrs Duration Typically maintenance, repair operations or works that can be carried out within the 12hrs

  • Type C - ≤15mins Duration Short Duration Works (Static Operations)

  • SSO (Semi-Static Operations) - Continuously moving with short stops of ≤15mins Duration

Catering for TM Systems from:

  • Site Marshalling

  • Footpath Works

  • Stop & Go (Flagman)

  • Temporary Traffic Lights

  • Road Closure and Diversions

  • High Speed Lane Closures

  • Hard Shoulder Closures

  • Contra-Flows etc.

Qualified to the new standard of Chapter 8 Design Road Levels 1, 2 & 3. 

Traffic Management Plan drawings for submission with Tenders or Planning, designed using the latest software and the most up to-date approved signs.

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Auditing of TM Plans, Documentation and Operations

To ensure ongoing compliance with Traffic Signs Manual and Temporary Traffic Management Suite we at greenlight-tm offer the following Auditing services:

Traffic Management Plans and Documentation:

  • Generic (Schematic) Traffic Management Plan Drawings

  • Site Specific Traffic Management Plan Drawings

  • Method Statements

  • Risk Assessments

  • Traffic Management Plan Documents

  • Design Stage Risk Assessments

This is particularly useful if you are working to a suite of Schematic Plans and they only require revision as opposed to a complete re-write.

TM Operations:

  • TM Site Inspections for Sites without TM personnel working live. Such as Static Lane Closures etc.

  • TM Installation, Operation, Removal Procedures

  • Full Traffic Management Audit including ALL of the above

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IOSH Certified

Available to attend Local Authority / Governing Body meetings to ensure that the Traffic Management is dealt with efficiently and with as little fuss as possible allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Supply of specifically tailored:

  • Traffic Management Plan Documents

  • Design Stage Risk Assessments

  • Method Statements & Risk Assessments

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greenlight-tm has been set up by me; Nick Wall, with 20 years practical and managerial experience of Project Management, Design and Consultancy in the Traffic Management department of the largest Highways Maintenance companies in Ireland and the UK.

My design experience ranges from supplying specifically tailored TM Plan drawings for a variety of industries such as Independent Traffic Management specialists to House Builders and supplying packages for tenders for Major Construction and Utilities companies.

Nick Wall at greenlight-tm

I started my Traffic Management journey in 2001, starting as a labourer and working my way through every role as I progressed to management.  During this time I have gained extensive and thorough experience in all aspects of operational Traffic Management.  This gives me the advantage of being able to see things from the different aspects of Traffic Management from bottom to top.

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Why should I use greenlight-tm for my Traffic Management requirements?

In addition to the information up to this point:​

  • greenlight-tm can not only supply Traffic Management Plans and Documentation, when we supply a tailored plan, we also can inform you of the methodology and equipment, staffing and timing needed to carry out the works. 

  • This information can be used to ensure that operational TM costs are budgeted efficiently and that TM operations are streamlined by detailing the precise methods involved.

Is greenlight-tm qualified to offer these services?

Yes, our designers currently have the following qualifications:

  • Traffic Management Design - LASNTG Design Level 1-2 (All Single Carriageway and Dual Carriageway up to 60km/h roads) for the recently revised Chapter 8 standard - Qualified with Distinction

  • Traffic Management Design - LASNTG Design Level 3 (Dual Carriageway & Motorway 80-120km/h) for the recently revised Chapter 8 standard - Qualified with Distinction

  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement - IOSH Managing Safely

Is greenlight-tm insured?

Yes, greenlight-tm has the following policies:

  • Public Liability

  • Product Liability

  • Professional Indemnity

So, I'm interested in using greenlight-tm services, what next?
  • Call us or email us

  • We'll discuss your initial requirements and I'll give you an estimated cost for the service

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For any enquiries, questions or if you'd like to discuss an upcoming project, please feel free to call or email us at greenlight-tm

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